First Class Babe Highlight

We love Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge so much that we named the infamous Caradona ring after her, which she wears ALL the time. She was one of the OG #FCBs and there have been so many amazing photos of her lately in different KL pieces that we just wanted to do a little shout out to one of our favorite ladies in the blogger scene.

Sitting pretty at the Gucci event in the Gypsy Soul necklace and Caradona ring!

Sitting pretty at the Gucci event in the Gypsy Soul necklace and Caradona & Left to Wander rings!

In the Caradona and Julius rings.

In the Caradona and Julius rings.

For Smashbox in the Trinity ring!

For Smashbox in the Trinity ring, Julius ring AND Piper ring. This is a personal favorite. I mean seriously…. Gorgeous!

This concludes out homage to the perfect lady with perfect hair. Check her out starring in Nickelodeon’s new series Alien Dawn. <3




Rings and Things

Karen London rings are all over the place! From Miley Cyrus to 5 Inch & Up, they seem to be everyone’s favorites, and we certainly understand why. Every Karen London girl can be found rocking multiple rings on their fingers every day in the office, and this is translating to the blog world! Check out some of our favorites below and get these looks now on!

5 Inch & Up wears the Alexandria and Julius rings almost every other day. BABE

Trop Rouge loves our rings so much we even named one after her! Coming to you for Summer 2013, the Caradona ring. It’s so hot. Just like her.

Miley Cyrus rocks all her new Karen London rings in rose gold on the daily. Here she’s got on the Caradona and Rock Steady ring! Both out for Summer 2013.

Claire Geist of De Lune is one of our newest bloggers, and she loves her Julius Ring. Which is good, because we love it on her.

On The Racks looks stunning all the time, and we love it when she wears her gun metal Alexandria Ring!

Friday Favorites!! The Trinity collection

Noticing the new trend? The Trinity collection is all over our favorite fashion blogs this week!! Making our Friday Favorites list reeeeal easy. Check out these lovely ladies and get your own HERE

Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge has been wearing her Trinity ring almost every day, and we ain’t mad. She’s gorgeous!!

M Loves M sports the Holy Trinity bracelet with a deep red lipstick and skinny cords. Soooo pretty.

On The Racks steps it out in NYC in grey coat, short skirt and the Trinity Ring! Love it.